Quality Engineer

Quality Engineer

National Technology Initiative is looking for team members who believe in the importance of bringing indigenous and national technology to our country with the slogan "National Technology Leap." We are seeking individuals who are eager to contribute to projects of this nature, committed to self-improvement and making a difference in their country while advancing in the industry. We are looking for those who are enthusiastic about hard work, enjoy taking responsibility, and have a desire to learn in the field, particularly those who are willing to participate in quality control processes.


  • Graduated from the Industrial and Mechanical Engineering departments of universities,
  • General knowledge of ISO9001:2015, AS9100, AS9102, IATF 16949,
  • Able to contribute to the analysis and examination of the causes of non-conformities and prevent their recurrence,
  • Proficient in technical drawings and tolerances,
  • Able to use measuring tools (calipers, micrometers, gauges, etc.),
  • Detail-oriented, meticulous, results-oriented, and with a sense of responsibility,
  • Preferably with product acceptance experience,
  • Preferably able to contribute to the creation of processes,
  • Preferably knowledgeable about CAD or CAE programs,
  • Preferably knowledgeable about testing and validation,
  • Preferably has electronic knowledge.

Job Description

  • Create control lists according to quality standards,
  • Participate in test and manufacturing processes to prepare reports,
  • Join teams formed within the scope of problem-solving efforts, use appropriate application methods, and assist in documentation efforts,
  • Ensure the reporting of control results.