Thermal Analysis Engineer

Thermal Analysis Engineer

We are looking for a Thermal Analysis Engineer who has the following qualifications:

  • A graduate degree in Aeronautics, Aerospace, Aviation, or Mechanical Engineering,
  • Advanced knowledge of Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer,
  • Advanced knowledge of Radiation and Conduction Heat Transfer,
  • Basic understanding of Fluid Mechanics,
  • Experience in at least one of the commonly used three-dimensional Computational Fluid Dynamics software (preferably Ansys and its components),
  • Proficiency in using CAD programs, preferably Catia, SolidWorks, Siemens NX,
  • Good level of programming knowledge needed for efficient 1D modeling, task automation, data manipulation, etc. (MATLAB, Modelica, Python, C++, Fortran),
  • Ability to use scientific calculation programs such as MATLAB, MathCAD, Simulink,
  • Experience in geometry cleaning and analysis volume creation,
  • Experience in creating detailed meshing for problematic geometries and knowledge of different meshing algorithms,
  • Knowledge and experience of properties of composite, aluminum, etc., which are frequently used in space,
  • Knowledge of literature review processes and being able to conduct a detailed literature review,
  • Technical English proficiency.


As a Thermal Analysis Engineer, your responsibilities will include the following:

  • Conducting engineering studies for the physical structure of the satellite and designing the necessary air conditioning cycles for the avionics units, determining the required cooling and heating amounts,
  • Providing the thermal balance of the satellite and performing related analysis,
  • Making calculations and related analyses for the improvement of the thermal designs,
  • Creating the dynamic model for thermal management systems (Thermal protection, conduction cooling systems, etc.),
  • Working in coordination with other engineering disciplines.


Preferred qualifications:

  • Good knowledge of the Python programming language (NumPy, SciPy, pandas),
  • Master's degree or PhD in Mechanical Engineering, Applied Physics, Aerospace, or a similar field,
  • Relevant experience in space, automotive, or similar industries.